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The government wants Baroness Stowell to chair Charity Commission
Just one person will be employed by the Government to work on a key part of its efforts to tackle international corruption
As the Paymaster General concluded, "It's harder to climb the ladder of opportunity if the rungs are further apart. We've got to put more rungs in that ladder." This Government is already putting rungs on the ladder and will continue to, so that more people can start to climb. The Conservative Party truly is the party of opportunity.
A senior Tory minister has defended a Knighthood being handed to his party's long-standing election guru Lynton Crosby, saying
David Cameron is acting like Adolf Hitler asking his generals to “rescue him from his bunker” over the Isis threat, according
A mother's heated exchange with a Tory minister took centre stage during Thursday night's BBC 'Question Time', as she castigated
Under 25s will miss out on £11,000 in pay compared to older colleagues under Tory minimum wage plans, according to the Lib
More gave other accounts of meaningful achievements at work. And one or two people got carried away with the fun, including