Medical advice

Do not take medical advice from this man, the former first lady and secretary of state warned.
I read an article recently about a new 'wonder drug' for treating high cholesterol in those people that don't tolerate statins. A common response I hear from patients is that statins cause them problems with their muscles, gut, headaches and sleep. Despite having raised cholesterol levels, they refuse to take the medications.
The rising "obesity and diabetes epidemic" and weight-loss surgery are rarely away from our newspaper headlines and TV screens. As a weight-loss surgeon I frequently encounter hostile reactions from other clinicians and even patients themselves arguing against the very concept of weight-loss surgery.
A stroke is an attack that happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off. This may be caused by a clot, or by bleeding in the brain. When a person has a stroke, they lose 2 million nerve cells for every minute that they don't receive medical treatment.
Spiders: you either love them for their ability to reduce the fly population or you simply can't stand the sight of the leggy
As a therapist, I have worked with dozens of people suffering from depression. Many of these people have been - wrongly, in my view - prescribed antidepressants by their GP. And not just for depression: anxiety, paranoia, eating disorders, OCD, even insomnia are now routinely tackled with this powerful medication.
Going on holiday is the highlight of the year for most, but unfortunately the build up and preparation for departure can be a stressful time!