This crisis is an object lesson in globalisation. National politics - except those of Greece - are effectively suspended until the euro crisis is resolved one way or the other. Here's hoping it's resolved soon.
The PM showed leadership in exercising the veto. Labour dithered. Maybe that's the luxury of opposition. But it comes at the price of credibility. This is no time for a fence-sitting, flip-flopping foreign policy.
For me, it's clear. It doesn't matter how rich you are, the consequences of not being in Europe can be a devastating blow. Just ask Manchester City.
So Angela Merkel is set to table a new EU Treaty in Brussels on Friday. A new Treaty means a new kind of EU - one set to bind together the 17 eurozone members ever more tightly.
Merkel's obsession with moral hazard at the expense of the German taxpayer is simply another way of telling the world that it's going to be Germany's way or no way.
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