One thing that really struck me from getting to know the prisoners - there was the moral code they lived by. The code seemed bizarre and contradictory to a naive yet inquisitive man like me. Some staff members called it the "con code".
Cambridge History Student and Varsity journalist Tom Belger writes on morality in modern day politics When the money runs
LAND close to St Paul's Cathedral remains occupied by a group of anarchists who show no signs of abandoning the camp first
It's a regular Tuesday morning, and I walk towards the office. The sun shines shyly from amidst a thickening curtain of whitish
I will start with a confident prediction: when candidates for next year's US presidential elections make speeches, few, if any, will be able to resist the temptation to make reference to either God or morality.
The tragic death of Richard Mannington Bowes, who was attacked by rioters on last week, raises a difficult question. Should bystanders intervene when they see crime (or should I say criminality?) on our streets?
"BELL, Martin: 29,354 votes..." This was the General Election of 1997, the safe Conservative seat of Tatton. Dimbleby, doing