Muammar Gaddafi

Rebel fighters are in control of the centre of the town of Zawiyah, about 50 km west of the Libyan capital, a Reuters reporter
A few weeks ago, at the height of the News of the World scandal, I appeared on the BBC's World Have Your Say to talk about
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's diplomats in London tried to sell off embassy assets including cars
If the aim of the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 was to protect civilians by all necessary means, then this should include the removal of Gaddafi from Libya.
An Islamist militia allied to Libya's rebel opposition is behind the death of their military commander Abdel Fattah Younes
The Libyan rebels' chief of army staff, Abdel Fatah Younis, has been killed in an assassination by pro-Gaddafi agents, according
Britain is to expel all Libyan diplomatic envoys to the UK and formally recognise the Libyan rebel National Transitional
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi must relinquish power but may not have to leave Libya, Foreign Secretary
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- British jets have bombed a key intelligence building being used by the forces of Libyan dictator Muammar
Germany has announced that it will lend €100m to the Libyan opposition to ease a growing humanitarian crisis in rebel-controlled