National identity

It would be a mistake to assume Jeremy Corbyn has driven a far-left perception of the party. But Labour must now reflect 'English' identity in its language and campaigning if it is to regain ground
"The elite have salami sliced society with an ideology of identity politics."
We might have different ideas of national identity and what it means to be British but when it comes to suffering, maybe it's just basic humanity which unites us, regardless of which flag we live under.
This is now my fervent hope for my grandchildren's generation as the current adult generation is forced to move forward into the sobering, insecure realities of 'Brexit'.
It is going to be difficult, but not as difficult as attempting to achieve a return to national greatness by drawing Britain away from its closest trading partner and a major source of its power. Had the referendum gone the other way, the Brexiteers wouldn't have given up. The 48 percenters shouldn't either.
Immigration, immigration, immigration. That's what we hear; that's one of the main battlegrounds of the upcoming EU referendum. It's everywhere: "They're stealing our jobs! They're pilfering our benefits! They're destroying our national identity." Damn those immigrants. Nothing but trouble.
It's one of those amusing quirks of history that we have a national patron saint who never visited England, would not have spoken the language of these isles at that time and probably could not even name this little island - which was not to be known as England until another 500 years after his death.
Ignorance is an essential part of a national identity of false victimhood and absurd superiority. Whether it be the exporting
I must confess that I am a fan of Downton Abbey. But I am worried about the programme, seriously worried. We should not underestimate what a successful TV show can do. Downton Abbey is, in fact, a form of soft nationalist porn that can probably be blamed for the rise of Ukip.
Despite all of the influences on my national identity, I carry one passport. But sometimes I feel as if I could carry three - from the country of my birth and of my parents and all its values, the country which brought me up and educated me, and the country of my husband and any children we may have together. All these nations have a special meaning to me and I root for them all in different ways...