Senator Ben Sasse said Trump secretly mocks evangelicals, mistreats women, "sells out our allies" and has "flirted with white supremacists."
When Kurtis Kaser realised he was stuck, he started sawing at his left foot until he was free.
The street value of the Christmas haul was estimated at $336,000 (approximately R4.2-million) .
“I was the scariest-looking person at my wedding,” the bride said.
Is there any hope? For now, hope seems to lie in the work of those tireless advocates who in the absurdly mundane visitation room at Polunsky courageously play the roles of social worker, friend and champion in an increasingly unforgiving world. Most of all, hope lies behind the soundproof glass, where human beings, continue to endeavour at living a meaningful life ...
Twin tornadoes touched down near the farming town of Pilger, in northeast Nebraska on Monday, crashing through part of the
An adventurous toddler whose disappearance sparked a police hunt has turned up safe and sound – in an bowling alley’s toy
Bruce Dern's performance in 'Nebraska' was described as "career-defining" when he turned up on the Best Actor shortlist for
Veteran Hollywood actor Bruce Dern discusses his Oscar-nominated performance in Alexander Payne's melancholy road movie, Nebraska
'Nebraska' was the surprise entry for this year's Oscar shortlist, including a popular nomination for the film's ragged and