new £1 coin

Confusion appears to be reigning over the withdrawal of the old-style £1 coins, as the Treasury revealed half of all coins
Just weeks to spend, spend, spend... or save.
The billionth new £1 coin has passed through the Royal Mint’s production line, as the deadline to spend the old “round pound
Here's how you can find out the value of your new pound
When you get your hands on the new £1 coin, be sure to keep your eyes peeled - it could be worth a small fortune. A tiny
Don't get caught out with your cash.
The new 12-sided pound coin is due to come into circulation in 2017, designed using “cutting-edge technology” to make it
Many people also pointed out that the coin bears more than a passing resemblance to the old threepenny bit... David Gauke
The new £1 coin is not only a pretty little thing but it's also incredibly hi-tech. Three years and £2 million in the the
George Osborne tweeted a glimpse at the country's shiny new £1 coin on Wednesday morning ahead of his Budget speech. Predictably