New Labour

Break with both New Labour And Tories. But he blurred Brexit.
It was 6,000 words long, lasted 75 minutes and was listened to by 1,500 people in a packed conference hall that delivered
No-one can remember a time when the queues at Labour party conference were longer. Buoyed by record party membership, they
'Hollowed out public services', 'disdain for the poor' to blame.
The next Labour government will end the “broken” political and economic system that caused the Grenfell disaster, Jeremy
The Five Things You Need To Know About Politics Today.
1. BIG MAC GOES LARGE John McDonnell was in his element yesterday, using his commanding position as Shadow Chancellor (and
Brown, Blair and even Prescott policy burned to a crisp.
Big break with not just Tories, but also New Labour.