New Labour

Frank Field says 'clever old dicks' in Whitehall do not always know best.
Labour must abandon its agenda driving women into work after they have children in the mistaken believe it “liberates” them
'What he is saying on these things is absolutely right.'
Gordon Brown has thrown his weight behind Jeremy Corbyn, calling him a “phenomenon” who had set out a vision for a fairer
Jeremy Corbyn has a “very strong” prospect of winning the next general election, Lord Mandelson has conceded. The former
The Five Things You Need To Know About Politics Today.
1. DAFT KAPITAL? Theresa May has a speech defending free markets today, and Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters will argue it proves
The Five Things You Need To Know About His 2017 Address
1. COMMON SENSE AND SENSIBILITY Jeremy Corbyn’s central theme today was that Labour represents a “new common sense” and “new