Notre Dame de Paris

Disinformation can bleed into the real world in violent ways. It happened in the French city of Bayonne.
Since a huge fire tore through Paris’ iconic Notre Dame, architects have been designing new ways to rebuild the Cathedral’s famous roof and spire. Submissions for the new design have featured illuminated crystal, golden flames, beams of light, a greenhouse and even a swimming pool. However, it looks unlikely that any of these designs will become a reality after the French senate stated that the roof of the 850-year-old landmark must be built exactly as before.
Beekeeper Nicolas Geant said the discovery was a "miracle".
It would be easy to dismiss those spreading racial hatred as fringe actors if some were not rewarded with verified social media accounts, mainstream media appearances, or political normalisation.
Former first lady Michelle Obama sent her thoughts to the people of Paris, urging them to unite in response to the Notre Dame fire. Obama was visiting the French capital to promote her new book.
Parisians and tourists stood in shock on 15 April 2019 as flames billowed out the iconic Notre Dame cathedral. Building on it started in 1163, meaning the cathedral has overlooked Paris for over 850 years, surviving kings, emperors, the French revolution, two World Wars and Nazi occupation. Twelve million tourists pass through its doors each year, coming to see the incredible French-Gothic architecture as well as holy relics and religious artwork. The fire destroyed the spire and two-thirds of the roof. French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to restore the Lady of Paris.
Macron says landmark will rise again within five years.
The roof of Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral was almost entirely destroyed by a fire on Monday night. The spire of the historic monument toppled down, with two thirds of the roof damaged before the emergency services were able to stop the blaze.
The Paris fire brigade is fighting a blaze in the 850-year-old Gothic cathedral.