Oliver Stone

'What I am demonstrating is the craggy and uncertain terrain women negotiate in Entertainment and all businesses.'
Oliver is yet to respond to Patricia’s tweets and his agent is yet to respond to a request for comment sent by HuffPost UK
Vladimir Putin has claimed he never has bad days, quite simply because “I am not a woman.” He cited his reasoning as being
A judge has released a written confession from Jake Evans in which he claims the film influenced the slaying of his mother
The question is, where has he gone? These words don't come easy, but Martin Scorsese, at this current juncture in cinematic history, has disappeared. Once a maestro film-maker who advocated anarchy of the soul - see De Niro's Johnny Boy in Mean Streets or Joe Pesci in GoodFellas - Scorsese delighted in holding up a mirror to America's underbelly, and he did so with that most subversive of narrative tools: humour.
A word to the wise: if you're a movie addict planning to interview Oliver Stone, don't do it in the small hours; it's a thrilling experience, the equivalent of downing a triple strength coffee - a midnight espresso if you like.
Michael Gove is currently suggesting that British History should form at least 40% of the GCSE syllabus. And Oliver Stone thinks Americans need to learn more about their history (or at least, his version of their history, in 'The Untold history of the United States'). Both of them may have a point.
George Clooney can rest easy - he's evidently one of the few film-makers working today that controversial director Oliver
Hugo Chavez, the populist and controversial leader of Venezuela, died at 58-years-old on 5 March in Caracas after 14 years in power. Chavez had battled an unspecified cancer for four years. His death has been met with an outpouring of sorrow or relief, depending on who you listen to.