Omid Djalili

Yep, it was business as usual for one of the BBC's most ridiculous celeb shows.
In recent years, the Great British political game has become a truly sordid affair. The actors in this game rely on tenuous, unsupported statistics; they all bend the truth as far as the truth can be bent; and cheating is encouraged, as long as neither team are found to be cheating.
There's been much debate in the press recently about whether Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns offer backers a raw deal. If the rewards offered: previews, back-stage passes, special commemorative t-shirts, and premier invitations are really adequate compensation for early investment in a speculative project...
Some 72 hours ago, David Baddiel, Stratford East and I launched our Kickstarter campaign, for Infidel - the Musical! In the weeks before this decision was reached, long debates were had. Was it odd, unseemly even, to be asking strangers and fans for money?
THE INFIDEL was an IMPOSSIBLY difficult film to get financed. It was the hardest I have ever worked on, as literally every studio, financier, and sales agent in town passed on it at least once, and several of them, just to be sure, did so multiple times. The reasons given were various and inconsistent, but lurking behind them all we detected the same issue: a vague but powerful fear of a broad comedy about Muslims and Jews.
Stop press! Omid Djalili is the new goat. Allow us to explain. First, we had Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble: Screaming
ITV's new talent show 'Splash!' proved a ratings hit despite a mixed response from viewers after figures revealed it was
Comedian Omid Djalili and Benidorm star Jake Canuso are preparing to don their swimwear again after sailing into the next
To save money on paying the police, England and Wales are now blessed with cheaper "Community Support Officers" to back-up the 'real' police. I suspect (with no evidence, m'lud) that these are often wanna policemen and wannabe policewomen with over-developed superiority complexes.
Omid Djalili is not one to shy away from sensitive subjects. Performing at the Hammersmith Apollo on Friday night he grabbed