Paul Daniels

'So, what first attracted you to the millionaire, Paul Daniels?'
After news of Caroline Aherne’s death broke on Saturday (2 July), many fans will now be remembering the works of the late
'In my life with Paul we always pushed for work. We loved working and loved showbusiness.'
Debbie McGee has revealed her intention of appearing on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to pay tribute to her late husband, Paul
Paul Daniels’ nephew James Phelan is set to appear on the upcoming series of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, which kicks off this
'The amount of messages on all social media has been astonishing, an avalanche.'
Paul Daniels’ son Martin has appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’, to speak about how his family are coping in the wake of
'I've cried my heart out some nights but it all happened so quickly.'
Debbie McGee, the wife of Paul Daniels, has spoken for the first time since the death of her husband. READ MORE: Paul Daniels
Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee enjoying performing in smaller venues.
He first appeared on our TV screens back in 1970.
Louis Theroux and Paul's 'Strictly' partner Ola Jordan are among those to have paid their respects.
Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee took to the stage in mid-November, a few short weeks before the news of his inoperable brain
On Thursday morning, the sad news of Paul Daniels death was confirmed by his publicist. The magician has been a prominent
Over the course of his lucrative career in entertainment, Paul fronted a number of shows at the BBC, and the broadcaster’s
Paul Daniels made it look easy on TV, but he was a tireless practitioner of the discipline of magic, who spent thousands
Paul Daniels was one of a kind - a hardworking entertainer who made his discipline of magic look effortless in front of an
Paul Daniels competed in 'Strictly Come Dancing', during which he partnered Ola Jordan Daniels was awarded the prestigious
She added that he stepson was also unable to speak to his father as much due to losing his voice. "My youngest Stepson Gary