Here are the signs of being a self-oriented, other-oriented or socially prescribed perfectionist, plus advice on how to cope with each type.
Perfectionism is so isolating as it prevents us from falling back on our basic need to reach outside of ourselves for help, guidance and support
Perfection is overrated - parents need to let their kids enjoy doing their best, say early years experts.
"Art teaches us that a mistake is simply a 'beautiful oops'."
From Madonna to Mozart, perfectionism has been the driving force behind many of history's greatest achievers. However, perfectionism isn't just a penchant for perfection - we all want things to go as well as possible in our lives. No, true perfectionism is a very real and constant need to reach the highest standards, even if the cost is detrimental.
The Fat Girl initiative encourages us to accept perceived flaws, recognising bodily perfectionism as an illusionary and ultimately redundant concept. I believe these imperfections are metaphoric of our wider worldly struggles, using the word "fat" as an expression of emotional mess.
Interestingly enough every time I spoke to the midwife about this she always smiled sweetly and said: "please keep an open mind Tina" - I scoffed knowing full well I did not need an 'open mind' as it was all going to go just beautifully thank you very much!
It took many years to become 'normal', whatever that is. Once I had finished therapy, inpatient and outpatient treatments, ending all mediations, I felt I was finally mentally fit and ready to take on the world.
Ring any bells? Procrastination is pretty familiar to most of us. We're all guilty of putting off chores or unpleasant tasks from time to time and it's understandable to put off the things that aren't so much fun. But procrastination doesn't just affect the things that don't matter.
Dear kids, Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I see that you've grown over night. Your face is more defined, your eyes