Polar Bears

Sir David Attenborough has weighed into the Frozen Planet row to defend the use of footage of polar bear cubs which was not
Today, we learned that every single polar bear we've been watching on Frozen Planet has, in fact, been David and Richard
BBC One always goes a bit crackers at Christmas, but this year it has surpassed itself. Never mind the five-star lineup, Nick
Cannibal polar bears have left many open mouthed after a slaughterous beast was caught on camera with the bloody carcass
Britain's only polar bear is celebrating his third birthday today at his Highland home on Wednesday. The 58 stone furry animal
Fans of the BBC's Frozen Planet were treated to the first ever footage of a brinicle, a deadly finger of ice that kills everything
The summer sun shone on this week's episode of David Attenborough's Frozen Planet with the cameras capturing both poles in
Animals and plants are shrinking due to the effects of climate change, scientists have warned. Increasing global temperatures
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Plans are being made to bring home the remaining members of an expedition party rocked by a polar bear