Political journalism

Guto Harri says 'sexually incontinent' Boris dug his 'political grave' with suicide vest jibe
Distorted coverage such as the Daily Mail's 'Legsit' blamed on few women in top jobs.
The “woeful” lack of women in senior roles or writing front page stories at UK newspapers has been laid bare in a startling
Election day 2017 saw a predictable barrage of propaganda headlines from Britain's predominantly right-wing press, pleading with readers to give queen Theresa the mandate she was demanding and administer a bloody good kicking to the socialist terrorist-hugging Corbyn.
Battle bus bingo. Nervous conversations with an editor demanding to know why you don't know about the major breaking Labour story from Newcastle when you're with the Tories in Bangor... I've covered five elections and loved (and hated) every one. For what it's worth, here's ten tips on how to stand out in a General Election.
Take a list of straw man arguments then knock them down with cut and paste using any paragraph from the web which might support the alternative view. This is journalism? This is political commentary? Well sadly it often is when we are talking about Israel...
Boris Johnson received a nasty surprise on the streets of Islington, after a woman recognised him as the father of "one of
We should lower the voting age, and introduce compulsory voting- with a 'none of the above' option - in local and national elections. Russell Brand's performance with Jeremy Paxman was electrifying TV, but dangerous. People should get involved. They should vote. And they should get into politics in whatever way can make a difference.
I think the pace of change has been greater during our lifetime than in any other period in history, and nowhere more so than in the media; papers, radio and TV active 24 hours a day, deadlines and regional borders effectively gone, news and comment largely fused, trends accelerated by social media which did not exist when I left Downing Street, let alone when I started. Mark Zuckerberg, 29, was not even born when I set out on the Daily Mirror.