Here’s how our international editions say the far-right and its critics are preparing ahead of the polls.
In just a few years populism has leapt from fringe protest to shaping, even dominating, the mainstream. Politics is operating on new set of rules – and we are floundering.
Right-wing populist groups, with their nativist, xenophobic messages, are on the rise. It’s time, in 2019, to get serious about taking the fight online, coordinated and united
What Trump instinctively understands – just as do all populists from Bolsonaro to Erdoğan, Salvini, Orban, Xi and Putin – is that fear wins over facts
It is essential to discard the simplistic vision of the media, presenting populism as mere demagogy
Drama in Italy is the latest reminder that we're on a journey into a new uncharted, uncertain era fraught with risk