Prison officer

Doctors, teachers and police officers are among frontline workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic who will see extra money in their pay packet.
The woman did not immediately disclose the birth, but the baby was soon discovered by a corrections officer.
It's still the forgotten service despite the dangers workers face every day, one officer tells us.
One of the people guarding Epstein was not a prison officer, according to reports.
Altamira prison authorities said the violence was between two gangs and began after a cell was set on fire.
13 staff needed hospital treatment after a spate of incidents at the weekend.
Staff found the rats had been stitched along their stomachs in the discovery earlier this month.
Gang carried out more than 50 drone flights and 'throw-overs' into British jails.
If action is not taken now to protect workers, stop overcrowding and bring safety back to the prison system, I fear a return to dark days
It comes after a damning report warned of a "dangerous lack of control" at HMP Bedford.