relationship advice

Life never ceases to offer opportunities if you invest in - and develop - your sense of curiosity and adventure. Breaking bad relationships will free you to nurture those bonds with people who value you and enrich your life - and forge new friendships with those you've yet to meet.
You'll never have these moments because, if you don't open yourself up to other people, why would they open up to you? Why should they give away the most precious pieces of themselves when the person that they're opening up to won't reciprocate that? Yes, it's scary to open up to somebody with such a huge level of hurt as a potential outcome.
It can be difficult to confront the loved ones in our life about important conversations we want to have with them. Heck, it can be difficult confronting the reality of those situations ourselves. It's also easy to get caught up in the fear and let that motivate our actions rather than get caught up in thoughts of what could be if we successfully resolved the relationship issue we're having.
Differences are OK - the point is, you both need to bring something to the relationship. It's like building a house - you need the basic foundations for the house to stay up, just like you need to give 50:50 for a relationship to stay strong.
You don't need online articles to validate what you're doing right or wrong in your relationship. What's good for the goose, may not be good for the gander!
Spring is in the air and with many of us starting to think about blitzing the bathroom and deep-cleaning the kitchen, it's
Who'd be single ay? Chatting with potential suitors, getting all dressed up and pulling out your wittiest convo only to be
When I ask new clients what they want in a partner, most of them say they want someone who's loyal, romantic, intelligent and cultured. These are all worthy attributes that are great to have - but actually, the key to a happy, long lasting relationship is kindness.