Another week, another Bigfoot sighting. Matthew McKamey and a friend were canoeing in the delightfully named Lettuce Lake
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A government agency has taken to Facebook to warn it may have spotted 'a family of sasquatches' by a highway. Nearly 2,500
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Bigfoot appears to be lost - or on vacation. The notoriously reclusive and impossibly hairy man-ape has been spotted in Norway
Footage of a suspected Sasquatch – or Bigfoot – striding across a snowy mountain range has emerged. Myles Lamont captured
Grainy, blurred footage of Australia’s supposed version of Bigfoot has been published online. Something – which Jason Heal
Sad news, a man has claimed to have shot and killed Bigfoot, and is now preparing to take its body on a tour of America. But
A casual Saturday night hunt for Bigfoot went horribly wrong after one "spooked" man accidentally shot his friend and three