A growing fleet of satellites is measuring emissions of greenhouse gases from orbit. Delegates at the COP24 climate summit in Poland hope satellites will help in providing more up-to-date data than is currently available, helping nations around the world tackle global warming.
If you’re not currently playing Sims then the likelihood is that you at least remember a time when you were.
The nanosatellite, dubbed ZACUBE-2, was developed by Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and the French South African Institute of Technology.
Around this time twenty five years ago, Tim Berners-Lee's first World Wide Web page flickered into action; now there are around a billion websites online. It heralded the start of a digital revolution, and is just one of the many modern technological developments to follow that the UK would pioneer...
Tech-savvy graffiti artist INSA has gone big with his latest project, making his unique style visible from space. He likes
A few weeks ago I complained bitterly about my atrocious internet connection. The impact of a deathly slow and unnervingly unstable connection is hard to overstate. Tension and frustration chez Wilson reached boiling point.
UPDATE: Australia says a plane has spotted multiple "objects" in the Indian Ocean. A ship is expected to reach the area on
Malaysia has identified 122 objects in an ocean area roughly the size of Singapore, which it says could be part of the missing
This is what it looks like when an incredibly powerful satellite in orbit around the Earth decides to zoom in on Beijing