At the time of writing this, there was a panic in the international finance community. At the time of reading this, there
Going to the cinema is very dangerous. I mean that in a physical sense and not just that it rots your brain, turns your frontal lobes to feta cheese and causes your mind to degrade to the sort of thing that you pick out of the patterns in the soles of your trainers with a small stick
This week I appeared before a committee of strangers who wanted to ask me a lot of questions about...I really can't remember right now but I expect it must have been important. I brought a team of characters to sit behind me to scowl at my inquisitors and look at their expensive watches a lot when I was getting into trouble, or it was time for lunch. I ordered the foam pie, which was surprisingly good, if not delivered in quite the way that befits a respected, top-notch catering company.
Rome - the windy city. Agent Casperwitz had sketched an impression of the target, but could only draw boxes on boxes, or crazy animals. We knew now that the target was either a small stack of boxes, or a frog in a sombrero. And that Agent Casperwitz should hold onto those receipts for his life-drawing classes.