Too many parents are clueless that their children are involved in sexting, cyberbullying, and even digital pimping. Yes I said digital pimping.
These conversations might not just be uncomfortable because they surround sex, they are tricky because many parents themselves feel like they're out of their comfort zones on handling some of the complex issues children face online.
Hands up who has not stepped out of the shower, stood in front of a mirror and taken a selfie of any body part and sent it to a lover or total stranger.
As leaked nudes continue to go viral, and the government gears up to listen to your phone calls and read your emails, remember: it's impossible to hack a piece of paper.
Parents are being warned about “sexting codes” allegedly being used by teenagers to hide the true meaning of their conversation
If someone asks you for a naked selfie, follow the lead of 16-year-old Reese Hebert.  The teen was recently texting a guy
It’s hard to know what to do when a man sends an unwanted dick pic to your phone. While most social media sites and dating