Shirley Bassey

"I was disgusting. I turned into a teenage girl. It was ridiculous," the Strictly Come Dancing judge recalled.
Robbie Williams is working on a comeback single, according to reports, but anyone hoping for some ‘Angels’-esque crooning
Dame Shirley Bassey has admitted she isn’t fond of the idea of women pursuing professions which she deems to be “men’s jobs
Teaming up with British vocal harmony trio Blake, Dame Shirley Bassey has recorded her first ever Christmas song and has
Some of the most loved stars of 'Strictly Come Dancing' are set to return to the ballroom for this year’s Christmas special
Dame Shirley Bassey has take a swipe at popstars including Beyoncé , slamming their raunchy ways and telling them to wear
It's the media that makes the fuss, not the Royals themselves. So I hope the world will give them a break. They're not lauding it over anybody, nor would you ever hear a Cambridge say, as some celebrities have been known to, "Do you know who I am?" And if their loveliness is due to being "boring", really? Then give me some more "boring" to counter our high-drama, high-octane lives.
One person, however, has managed to grab the biggest spotlight, courtesy, no doubt, of being royal, of wearing a stunning
My mum doesn't know who I am. Sadly, I don't mean that in a spiritual, angsty kind of way - she literally has no idea who I am. Sometimes I'm one of her sisters. Sometimes I'm a nurse. Sometimes I'm her dead mother. Once I was Shirley Bassey, which made for an interesting evening.
I started as the main resident DJ at Cafe Mambo 18 years ago back in 1996 and it was set up very differently to how it is now. I used to play the whole night, every night, all summer. Sets ranged from 7 hours to up to nine hours long from before the sunset until the bar closed.
Adele's mantelpiece just got a little bit more weighed down, with an Oscar to add to her clutch of Brits and Grammys, for
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Singer Gary Barlow signed up a wide range of musicians to perform at The Queen's upcoming Diamond Jubilee concert in London
Elton John held his annual Grey Goose Winter Ball over the weekend, and as per usual it attracted more than a handful of
In the words of Adele's song, Rumour Has It she's joining the likes of Shirley Bassey, Louis Armstrong and Paul McCartney