South Asian

"Growing up in the nineties, the prevailing attitude among parents like mine in East London was that the arts as a career was unbecoming and not respectable."
The day your mother realises you are not a child anymore but a grown woman can be a blessing or a curse – for many of us in South Asian families, it's both.
A new documentary from our first South Asian Miss America examines why colourism persists.
“When I saw it, I went: ‘This is us. This is our life. This is how we live.’"
The death of 22-year-old Amandeep Singh, known as Deepy, has sparked conversations on ways South Asian men can get more comfortable talking about their mental health.
Why aren't we seeing more South Asian teachers and practitioners in yoga studios?
Some of the white-centring attitudes at the heart of Western office culture are weaponised daily against people of colour.
Researchers believe diabetes played a “significant factor” in the increased risk of death among South Asian people being treated in hospital for Covid-19.
Ironically, the culinary lessons I took to be a model wife were my path to recovery.