Southern England

The warmer and brighter weather coincides with the easing of England’s lockdown on Monday.
As large swathes of the country were blanketed in heavy snow.
The government's furlough scheme has been extended to the end of June. Here's the latest.
There are 80 flood warnings still in place across the UK, forcing homeowners to prepare for the possibility of damage over the festive season.
Road and rail links have been severely disrupted by the heavy rainfall.
Thunderstorms swept across London, the south of England, Wales and the Midlands on Tuesday, with some areas hit by a week’s rain in just an hour.
Archie McInnes flew Hurricanes during the battle in the skies over southern England.
“The heaviest and most persistent rain is still to come."
A low of minus 11.7C was recorded at Chillingham Barns in Northumberland.
Sajid Javid has said a “major incident” is unfolding in waters off the south coast of England.
So you've decided to move down South - or should I say 'Saaaath'. Congratulations. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and about to embark upon far away lands with tropical climates, you can even take your July to August wardrobe with you in March. Be careful though, you are saying goodbye to anything battered.
Cities across Southern England could help deliver a quick boost to the economy if they were given funds to build more houses