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4 Men, 175 Babies delves into the world of online UK sperm donation, and it's quite a watch
Ari Nagel said he is performing a 'selfless act' for women.
A man who has fathered 22 children with 18 different women said he is simply performing a “selfless act” for women “desperate
Holly Willoughby revealed she would have used a sperm donor to have children if she hadn't met the right person. The 35-year
Statistics can be misleading. And while there may have been an increase in single women having consultations at licensed fertility clinics in the UK, this fact in fact tells us very little. It tells us little about how many women actually decide, or are approved, to pursue treatment.
Sperm donation: Premature birth: SEE ALSO: 10 Ways to Tell Kids About Sex Sex Education 'Should Be Compulsory For Primary
A diagnoses of infertility can have very serious psychological effects on both the male and the female. Both partners may become overwhelmed by feelings of depression, anxiety, guilt, and grief.
Parents who use egg or sperm donations to have children should have the right to decide when or if to tell their children
Surely a law making sperm a marital asset in the context of donation would be a violation of an individual's right to make decisions about their own body and it's 'products', which would be a disastrous turn of events in my eyes and I'm no legal expert, but surely this would be in violation of our human rights.