St. John's College

Here are the best videos from the final week of September 2017. **Grabs popcorn**
"Boys' schools have become breeding grounds for what happens in corporate South Africa," says Open St John's Movement member Mabine Seabe.
"We have to push forward so that St John's becomes a school in the South African context."
Existing school policies and codes of conduct will be examined next month.
All the talk of the town is on the Zuma ballot next week, and HuffPost has everything you need to know. Plus, the ridiculous cost of data in SA and why there's more to Yvonne Orji than being a 33-year-old virgin.
How did the 119-year-old school become embroiled in its current racism crisis?
These are the top 3 stories in South Africa from this first week of August that you need to know.
An alumni pressure group believes the school is closing ranks, however the school council has apologised for racism at the college.
Students who had been the victim of racist incidents described their experiences.
What hurts and angers me the most is the thought of these young people being exposed to such caustic attacks on their personhood/intellect due to their colour.