State of emergency

There will be a nighttime curfew between 11pm and 6am as the country tries to get spiralling Covid-19 cases under control.
Draconian measures, including giving councils power to direct "death management" and relaxing mental health laws, will "only be used when it is absolutely necessary".
Police given extraordinary powers of arrest under Section 60 laws.
Egypt faces an Islamic State insurgency in the North Sinai region that has killed hundreds of soldiers and policemen in recent years and has expanded to include attacks on civilians.
"The draft regulations that are circulating are especially draconian," says the Right2Know Campaign.
South Africa's state of emergency plans, inside the notorious Ponte building and the Mail & Guardian is sold.
ISS expert Jakkie Cilliers says in principle, there is nothing wrong with the military wanting to formulate regulations for a state of emergency.
Here’s what we think is happening.
The blazes have killed over 100 people and raged across nearly 1.3 million acres.
The chilling death toll of Muslim Brotherhood protesters killed by Egyptian security forces climbed even higher overnight
Egyptian authorities have declared a month-long state of emergency after scores of people were killed when security forces