Stephen Timms

Stonewall said the MP's words were "disappointing" hours after Keir Starmer was forced to apologise for visiting the same church.
Despite rising poverty fears and 800,000 losing their job, PM claims voters do not want ministers "focusing on welfare".
PM says he "will see what we can do to help" during coronavirus crisis, as opposition parties describe comments as "astonishing" and "worrying".
Maria Amos was forced to exist on water for more than a month.
A woman has revealed how a five-week wait to access benefits through the new Universal Credit almost drove her to suicide
Girl is ashamed to tell friends how she lives and says her schoolwork is suffering.
A 10-year-old girl has written to her MP to say her whole family sleeps in one room and her cramped living conditions are
According to police, the attackers pulled up to the separate men and doused them the corrosive liquid between 10.25pm and
Corbyn rebels among 114 who refused to back quitting EU.