stop the war

That every indication suggests Corbyn's leadership team would not continue it in the face of another Gadaffi, or the ticking time-bomb of the plight of Burma's Rohingya Muslim population, renders them unfit for office.
'Not bothering to even attempt to live up to their name.'
Nineham said: “We are we’re protesting with statements and our information that we’ve put out. We’ve condemned not just Russia
The debate also saw Labour MP Mike Gapes called for “unanimous” cross party support on the issue of Syria. He said: “In the
Corbyn was accused of deliberately marginalising Syrian voices.
Jeremy Corbyn was heckled at a Stop the War coalition conference in central London on Saturday. The Labour leader was yelled
Today you can protest as you sip your latte. A Facebook friend may have forwarded you a petition about something they feel strongly about. Whatever the issue - from saving the Himalayan snow leopard to taxing Top Shop - you enter your name, adding a short comment, if you can spare the time.
While we certainly cannot ignore the influence of religious fundamentalism worldwide in suppressing freedom of expression, I would submit that the future of free speech in Britain will depend rather on the willingness of those who believe in free speech to stand against criminalising offensive speech for its own sake...
That there is reason to write the headline of this piece should be concerning in itself. On Sunday, Rhodes Must Fall Oxford