Strategic Defence and Security Review

Once again, the Chancellor show’s that he knows the price of everything and the value of nothing
When our servicemen and women join the armed forces, they sign a contract vowing to serve and protect our country. In return
As part of his early turn as Father Christmas, Chancellor George Osborne allocated £289million to the World Service over the next five years to pay for new services to places like North Korea and Eritrea.
Just five years ago we had a Strategic Defence and Security Review which proposed armed forces configured for an age of austerity when most of the threats we faced were, at the very least, containable. We were pulling out of an expensive war in Afghanistan... Just five years later we live in a very different world.
Britain could struggle to mount another military operation on the scale of the intervention in Libya, MPs warned today. The
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Ministry of Defence wrote off more than £110 million in losses last year, including the cost of