Many of us could be doing more to become stronger, and therefore healthier, in our daily lives. Here's where to begin.
I've been thinking a lot about the Cool Girl and what it is that makes her so interesting. Who doesn't want to be the Cool Girl? Hip, clever, individual, insouciant, sexy maybe, gorgeous (but on her own terms and let's face it, it isn't really about looks) and strong.
You'll run in circles wondering why the hell not. Wondering what you're doing wrong and what everyone else seems to be doing right. Wondering when somebody will look at you and say "you're perfect. You are enough" or, more importantly, when you will say it to yourself.
Cardio is valuable, but when performed alone, has a catabolic effect on our lean tissue - it will help you lose fat but you will end up soft with very little definition. Whereas increased muscle mass increases your EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), a fancy term for saying your metabolism will remain much higher during the 48 hours post-exercise.
Dear Voice of Fear, You're not winning. I just thought I'd point out that fundamental fact. In this thing we've named 'the
Now I know you've read all about what Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis do in their training sessions but I'm here to tell you that what they do has next to nothing to do with what you, my good office worker friend need to be doing in your training sessions.
Our test is whether we can remain willing to help others in need, even when our country faces dangers, and whether we can remain unified and kind, even if we feel vulnerable. It is through passing these tests successfully that will make Britain truly strong.
Every Wednesday lunchtime, for about a year, I sloped off from my office desk, alone. Away from the shiny soulless glass buildings of Canary Wharf, towards the fishy world of Billingsgate Market, and the little bobbing private narrowboats of the marina.
The power of representation allowed me to walk out feeling that I can do anything in the world as a black woman, ready to conquer, slay and become.
I wish I could say that my stalker no longer impacts my life. But they do. And they don't just affect my life. They threaten the happiness of my family. My two precious children and my loving husband. And for that I despise them.