Temple Mount

The knights were said to protect Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land.
It might look like an unassuming rabbit hole, but this tunnel leads to a stunning network of caves dating back 700 years
My first taste of the country began in Tel Aviv; a youthful city placed precariously along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Tastes, sounds and culture greeted us as we wandered through the city's Nachlat Binyamin Art Markets.
When I mention that I study memory in theology, the most common response is for my interlocutors to ask about the things they routinely forget - from quotidian activities to birthdays. And at this point, I have to clarify a bit...
this is the first time I'm in Israel so I'm not sure what to expect. Before I leave, my wife asks me if it's safe and of course I nod my head, otherwise I wouldn't be going, would I? The problem is that, in most countries of the world, Israel is still seen as a country of conflict, with a negative image of war and religion.