Thandie Newton

‘Line Of Duty’ has kept us gripped for six long weeks, but on Sunday, we will finally learn all of Roz Huntley’s secrets
We know that he has already been giving Roz Huntley insider knowledge on AC12’s investigation and has also been getting PC
‘Line of Duty’ fans breathed a sigh of relief for Steve Arnott’s survival after last week’s attack. However, while we could
‘Line of Duty’ character Chief Superintendent Hastings has proved a rock of integrity, support and quiet authority throughout
Wow. ‘Line of Duty’ has reached this series’ halfway-point and already left its viewers in a bedraggled state, that I’m not
“Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence...” And PAUSE on the remote control, while we all struggle to keep up with
‘Line of Duty’ famously demands the very best guest stars, as worthy adversaries of anti-corruption police investigation
‘Line of Duty’ returned to our screens last night, and within seconds of the opening credits, it was clear than writer Jed
Line of Duty has carried a fearsome reputation from series to series and has improved each time. Now it is stepping out of the shadows of BBC Two, it will soon become the talk of the nation and any adulation that it receives will be much deserved. Just make sure that you're not the one that misses it.
AC-12 are back with another investigation.
In great news for fans of TV crime drama, arguably the finest series of them all, ‘Line of Duty’ is returning for a fourth
'I can’t do Downton, can’t be in Victoria, can’t be in Call the Midwife.'
Thandie Newton has called out the lack of diversity on British television, revealing why she wouldn’t want to land a role