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Male grooming is now a multi-billion pound worldwide industry, thanks to a growing number of men spending more on their appearance
African governments can co-operate directly with those in Congress, African-Americans and the growing network of civil society groups opposed to Trump.
So-called “baby brain” refers to increased forgetfulness, inattention, and mental “fogginess” reported by four out of five
Popular culture played a crucial role in disseminating these beliefs.
Which is fabulous, if only this style of casting was the rule rather than the exception. Grey has built its reputation on providing #NextGenerationGrey - the gritty, elegant, eccentric representation of the 40+. We sign arresting looks over pretty faces, strength of character over neighbour-next-door.
By now you've probably heard how robots are going to take over our jobs. And how this will leave future generations with plenty of time on their hands to take up hobbies and pursue creative interests. All while our robot friends spend their days doing the lion's share of the work needed to make the world run.
Psychological research shows that not only do people miss things because they are staring at their phone's screen, they also miss things when they're looking ahead but talking on their phone. In fact, people conversing on a phone can appear to look at something yet fail to consciously detect it.
Did Steve Bannon jump or was he pushed? Bannon's opponents spoke of a firing, while his allies - and Bannon himself - said he had planned to resign for weeks. Turns out both sides were right. But that is only the start of a tale in which the final chapters are not yet written.
Second-guessing the composition of the post-election Parliamentary Labour Party, then, is more than just a parlour game. Indeed, it's no exaggeration to say that the question is an existential one.
What the hell is that? Scientists ask this question every day when trying to work out how different living things are related to each other. The answers aren't easy or trivial. Biological affiliations are used not just to build a catalogue of life but also to understand how life has evolved into its many forms