the force awakens

The desert scenes in The Force Awakens clearly reference British films about war in North Africa such as Ice Cold in Alex. Finally - and switching sides this time - the landing of the stormtroopers straight into a firefight at the beginning of the film is a clear echo of the depiction of the D-Day landings in Saving Private Ryan.
This was the blockbuster to end all blockbusters. The hype was untenable and it has finally arrived, and what a spectacle it is.
You'll be hard-pressed to have remained unaware of the highly popular BB8 droid, controllable using a smart phone or tablet, for example, or there's always the Darth Vader shower head; but perhaps that's one for the super-fans!
Star Wars surpasses genre and transcends viewing age. It is not a children's film. It's an adult film that happens to be suitable for children. As a result, it doesn't patronise children, nor does it attempt to second-guess what kids will find interesting and entertaining.
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Many viewers and critics claimed to enjoy the original prequel upon it's release but with hindsight the feeling is that punters and pundits talked themselves into thinking they enjoyed it, when subconsciously they knew all along something was amiss.
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