Thomas Cook

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has launched Britain’s 'largest ever peacetime repatriation' to bring travellers home.
Guests have described the situation as a 'nightmare'.
Approximately 150,000 UK holidaymakers could be left stranded abroad.
Britons are apparently delaying their summer holiday plans
The travel giant described the closures as "streamlining".
One in six Ryanair customers has been on a flight with a disruptive passenger.
The company says Brits enjoyed the sunshine at home instead of booking trips abroad.
John and Susan Cooper died within hours of each other.
John and Susan Cooper died after staying at the hotel on August 21.
Another family at the hotel were found to have a highly infectious bacterial infection.
British couple found dead in Egypt hotel did not die because of gas emissions, prosecutor claims
The deaths of John and Susan Cooper, from Burnley, are being investigated.
Thomas Cook's new scheme allows you to reserve a specific sunbed when booking your holiday.
The political situation is growing increasingly unstable there.
Nearly 1,000 holidaymakers on Thomas Cook packages in Gambia are to be flown home amid growing concerns of political unrest
Looking back at its handling of the tragic case of two small children who died from carbon monoxide poisoning at their hotel, Thomas Cook will undoubtedly be quoted for years as a case study in 'what not to do'. Almost everything they could get wrong, they did.
Thomas Cook has vowed to demolish the villa where two young children were killed having been poisoned by carbon monoxide
There are growing calls for a boycott of Thomas Cook despite new efforts by the company to quell the public relations disaster