Around 40% of those displaying symptoms of Covid-19 also experienced a worsening of their tinnitus, a new study found.
James Farrar was charged with two counts of assault by beating after using the loudhailer.
While tinnitus has no cure, knowing how to manage it can be life-changing. So here are some top tips for coping with the noise.
In those early days before she was diagnosed I dismissed Amy as I didn’t realise tinnitus could affect younger people
More than half of people aged 18 to 24 have experienced tinnitus.
Our study has today revealed almost two thirds (61 percent) of people living with tinnitus feel isolated, and more than half of those people (58 percent) think a lack of understanding from others about their condition creates those feelings of isolation.
everybody banner If I was to tell you that one in ten people had a disability which couldn't be physically seen, but that often prevented them from working - how would you feel?
When it comes to ageing, we all know we’re going to get a bit more wrinkly and sprout grey hairs, but (according to the internet
We can't judge people for being loud, or noisy, or throwing messy energy around like confetti at the wrong time. Tolerance is something I'm working on, and it's something we all need a little more of. And, as much as I wish my exterior matched my interior, it doesn't, and it probably never will. So, I'm trying not to see people as one static image, and I hope you will try, too - because you never really know what's happening inside beneath it all.