United States Senate

The broadcasting service said the impersonator who was interviewed appeared to be engaged in a "deliberate hoax."
Delegate Stacey Plaskett didn't mince words in explaining Trump's acquittal.
Former President Donald Trump was impeached twice. Now he's been acquitted twice too, thanks to Republican senators.
As the US senate’s Republican leader, McConnell’s vote is highly influential.
The disgraced president turned his mob against Mike Pence during the violent storming of the US Capitol.
Trump's bait-and-switch ads cited the need to contest his election loss and for the GOP to hold the Senate as he sought funds for his “leadership”.
Only five Republicans broke with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and voted with every Democrat to let the trial go forward.
The president told CNN, however, that he doesn’t think enough Republican senators will vote to convict Donald Trump.
"He asked us to fly there. He asked us to be there."
The former president is accused of inciting a violent insurrection against the US.