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Almost 30,000 fewer would-be students applied for university this year, marking only the third time in 15 years that numbers
Five of the world’s ten ‘most international’ universities are in the UK, according to new rankings - but there are fears
'Amongst Jewish students, there is gradually a feeling that there are certain universities that you should avoid.'
An academic leader has claimed rampant anti-Semitism has led to some of the UK’s leading universities becoming no-go zones
The students say party-goers shouted 'f**k you Jew, you don't belong here'.
How did we get to this position, where hundreds of thousands of students could miss out on their chance to participate in a hugely important decision for the UK? There are two main reasons for this: bad timing and recent changes to electoral registration rules.
Please, do not dictate how Muslim women should feel based on your own limited and intrinsically biased worldview. Don't attempt to remould our entire paradigm. And especially, don't insult all that it means to be a feminist by implying that women need to show their bare chest in order to be heard.
The astronomical rise in tuition fees left many students wondering just where universities would spend the extra finances
Universities will face significant financial pressures over the next few years following sweeping changes to funding and