University of the Arts London

But experts say the results are just 'the tip of the iceberg'.
Sexual harassment on campus by university staff is at “epidemic levels”, a stark new report has revealed, with almost 300
I strongly believe that talent and creativity know no social or cultural boundaries and that education, and creative education in particular, provide the means to transform not only ourselves but also the society and world we are a part of.
Fashion doesn't need to be created within the formal sector or have the approval of a 'genius designer' for it to be fashion. A broader spectrum of activity than that which takes place within the market is valuable. Fashion is much more than shopping.
On the 16 March, news was spread amongst University of the Arts London (UAL) students that management had decided to cut over 800 places on their Foundation courses. Three days later, students and SUARTS sabbs are occupying management rooms at Central St Martins, King's Cross in a peaceful yet poignant protest.
I wasn't stupid enough to believe it was real, I knew this was an elite group of people with teams of prodding, poking and digital enhancement. But it was still an elite I wanted to join. It went way beyond the clothes, it was a very rigid ideal the fashion industry was trying to sell.