The US Navy has used a tiny camera like those used by extreme sports athletes to film the inside of an F18 fighter jet. Gizmodo
Military drone operators flying deadly aircraft by remote control would be more effective if they were distracted more often
One of the elite American soldiers who took part in the raid which located and killed Osama Bin Laden has been reportedly
The US Navy is reportedly planning to replace its last military dolphins with robots. In an exclusive interview with BBC
The US military has unveiled a new fleet of unmanned drones - and this time they're floating, not flying. Drones have been
David Cameron is set for an embarrassing U-turn over the fighter aircraft for the Royal Navy's new carriers, it was reported
In an ideal world the makers of the latest alien invasion blockbuster want you to watch the film, buy the board game and then join the US Navy.
There are many, many, many 'welcome home!' videos online, where members of the armed forces return from their time abroad
Iran has warned the United States not to return an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf after Tehran conducted 10 days of
Marissa Gaeta and Citlalic Snell have become the first same sex couple from the US Navy to share a lesbian kiss. The traditional