womb transplant

42 women worldwide have received transplanted wombs, and 11 babies has been born as a result.
The first operations in the UK are taking place this year.
'For the women who I’ve met, being born without a uterus has been quite catastrophic.'
Features "We're on our way to Scotland, both my daughters are in the car," Mr Richard Smith, leader of the UK Uterine Transplantation
The concept of womb transplantation is not new, originally put forward in the 1960s as a possible cure for infertility. The success of IVF treatment in the 1970s, however, saw the idea of womb transplantation disappear, and the field move in the direction of life-saving surgery, such as lung, heart and kidney transplantation.
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The woman who was born without a womb and had to have transplant has given birth, in a world first. The 36-year-old Swedish
British women born without a womb will be given fresh hope this year when scientists attempt to help the woman who had the