women and sex

What does a young women's sex life become when her parents assume that she is taught everything she should know about sexual intercourse at school?
Each new coming into existence of human life places on the new parents and on society a huge burden of responsibility and unintended consequences.
It's not that I think he’s going to cheat on me or steal money from me, I don’t trust him to respect my body and wishes. Sex and trust were ruined for me.
For a woman to desire sex, certain interlinked variables of her overall well-being need to be optimised such as physical, emotional and relational aspects.
If only someone had filled us in on this stuff earlier.
That excruciating burning sensation is totally treatable. You'll survive. We promise.
Apparently, terms and conditions apply.
 Everybody’s sex drive is highest when meeting someone new. The human brain loves novelty, unfamiliarity and unpredictability.