Women in Islam

Former journalist Boris Johnson, who has been accused of racism and homophobia following articles he wrote which compared burqa-wearing Muslim women to “letterboxes” and called gay men “bumboys”, has complained that journalists are "always abusing people".
Emma Barnett was wrong to use female imams as a battleground, writes Inclusive Mosque Initiative imam Naima Khan.
So many stereotypes surround the religious reasons Muslims keep their hair covered. Eight women set the record straight.
Muslim voters in the north of England have spoken of their fear and heartbreak at the re-election of a man who compared niqab-wearing women to letterboxes.
The Conservatives aren't serious about Islamophobia, because they can't even admit the scale of the problem​, Hope Not Hate's Matthew McGregor writes.
Disinformation can bleed into the real world in violent ways. It happened in the French city of Bayonne.
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi was loudly applauded by MPs for his intervention during Johnson's first PMQs.
The anti-racist organisation Tell MAMA said there was a 375% increase in anti-Muslim incidents the week after the now-PM compared veiled Muslim women to “letterboxes”.
Boris Johnson is set to be the next prime minister, following a vote from Conservative Party members. But the former foreign secretary and London mayor has never been far from controversy. His sketchy record includes comments about Muslim women, black people, gay people and several world leaders.
The Johnson of old, will not be the Johnson in Number 10, nor can he be. The country simply won’t let him get away with it, Fiyaz Mughal writes.