Women in Music

As I looked around the room it was completely out of balance. Where were all the women? So I courageously walked up to the front and asked the accommodating panel why they thought that was and how collectively we can change that within the music industry.
There are currently six women presenting solo shows at Xfm London. There are fourteen men. So comparatively we are bucking the trend at 30% females (versus the national average of 20%). Imagine a male DJ joining a station and finding himself one of only six men amongst fourteen female presenters. Do you think for one moment he would proclaim to his friends that he is "lucky to be amongst so many male presenters"?
We also want to influence other funders and policymakers across the creative industries to consider pro-active ways to increase representation of women in their sector (women make up 13% of the UK's songwriters and composers, 7% of Film Directors, 11% of screenwriters, 4% of Music Producer Guild membership, 15% of UK games development industry. All shockingly low).
Although music is the sort of industry you'd imagine would be less about sexism and more about your genuine ability to play
Take a look at the UK album charts and it's there for all to see. Out of the top twenty albums, 14 of them are all male bands. Out of the six remaining acts three are solo female singers and the other three are male bands fronted by a female singer. So, here we are in 2014 and there is not one all-girl band in the top 20 album charts.