Wonder Woman

The Amazon takes out a whole gang of assassins by herself.
Wonder Woman faces fear and does what she can to put things right, by choosing love. So many people hold themselves back and don't go for their dreams due to fear of failure, or fear of success. We doubt our own strength and live behind the shadows of fear, too scared to stand up for what we believe in. Too scared to love ourselves.
Patty Jenkins' latest film has enjoyed mammoth box office success.
As Wonder Woman’s star continues to rise, it’s been announced that it’s now had more global success than any other live-action
We can't do better than our best, no matter how much we want to try. We can't be superheroes. We can't just twirl around and save the world, no matter how Amazonian and heroic we may feel. We can't defeat the darkness of disaster and unfairness and growing old.
The actress's six-figure wage is a long way behind those of her counterparts.
Read more on The Huffington Post The numbers are coming under extra scrutiny thanks to ongoing conversations around the Hollywood
The story structure is entirely different from what we've seen in other female-driven movies. While they acknowledge that the Amazons were created specifically for the gaze of men, none of the shots or lines in the movie would lead you to believe that.
"Wonder Woman" is dangerous for black women.