01/05/2013 07:57 BST | Updated 01/07/2013 06:12 BST

I Am Going to Show What Ukip Can Achieve

Weeks of living on the road touring the country ahead of local elections are now nearing a close.

The days seem blurred. I've only just found out that we are now in the month of May!

I had a great night last night in South Shields where Ukip held its first ever public meeting in the constituency ahead of the by election on Thursday. Over 150 people attended and 25 signed on the dotted line.

We must be doing well as Labour's last leaflet pushed through letter boxes in South Shields was a rather absurd attack on Ukip. It is a great shame that the Westminster-based media don't show more of this sort of thing.

I am now reading the newspapers on the train heading back down south, leaving the by election in the capable hands of our superb candidate Richard Elvin.

Reading through the day's newspapers it was rather pleasant to chuckle at the wonderful comments made by Lord Tebbit, suggesting that there are county divisions in which voting Ukip will stop Labour taking seats. I would imagine that he received a wrap across the knuckles for that! Norman never disappoints!

I am also pleased to see Sushil Patel, the father of Priti Patel, is standing as a Ukip candidate in Hertfordshire.

This is far better than yesterday morning when the Mirror front page showed a young Ukip candidate Alex Wood apparently doing a Nazi salute. I must confess, I nearly had kittens when I first saw this. I've looked carefully into this and spoken to Alex, and I believe him when he says that he was angrily trying to take a camera off his girlfriend who was annoyingly taking pictures of him in the pub imitating a pot plant. These things happen - I should know! The fact that this is supported by the people who were with him that night suggests that he has been very unfairly treated.

Whilst it is true that a handful of Ukip candidates have caused us embarrassment, others have been quite unfairly traduced. After the election I will go into details of false allegations and the downright intimidation that has happened to some of our good people. All I can say is that this will put off many people from standing to serve their local communities in the future, which is not only a great shame but very harmful to real democracy when ordinary people are caught in the crossfire.

I'm going to hop off the train at Peterborough and head for the fenland town of Ramsey. This is Ukip land. We have the Mayor, and control of the local council.

Ukip has been a huge success in Ramsey. In front of the assembled media today on the final day of campaigning before voters go to the polls across the country, I am going to show just what Ukip can achieve in local government.